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The emerging world is creating a competitive environment. We need to think global, be more creative and leverage on a Health Information System (HIS) built on the web and mobile. It is time to choose an HIS that reflects your business needs today & for the future.

  Out Patient Process

  • Patient Registration
  • Appointments Scheduling
  • Evaluation & Investigations
  • Diagnosis & Prescriptions
  • Billing & Collections
  • Customer Feedback
  • Health Packages

  In Patient Process

  • Admissions & Transfers
  • History, Examinations & Records
  • Cost Estimations
  • Patient Management
  • Dr. Visits & Referrals
  • Patient Bill & Projections
  • Discharge & Collections

  Pharmacy Process

  • OPD, IPD & OT Drug Orders
  • Drug Indent Delivery
  • Drug Control, Returns & Expiry
  • Drug Inventory Management
  • Drug Information Management
  • Patient Billing & Reports
  • Traceability & Statutory Reports

  Ward Management

  • Ward booking & availability
  • Ward shifting, blocking & transfers
  • Ward billing class & upgradation
  • Ward Nursing, Consents & Records
  • Doctor orders & vitals recording
  • Ward discharge & house keeping
  • Auto calculation of bed charges

  Surgery Process

  • Elective Surgery Planning
  • Grades, Estimation & Coding
  • OT, Surgeon & Anaesthetist Scheduling
  • Pre operations investigation & checklist
  • CSSD & OT Tools Scheduling
  • Drugs & blood requirements management
  • OT records, notes & billing

  Electronic Medical Records

  • Patient Registration & Referral
  • History, Vitals & Health Records
  • Medical record with treatment planning
  • Discharge & followup notes
  • test results & adjust drug dosages
  • Capture & tag images to patient records
  • Track effectiveness of treatment

  Insurance Process

  • Contracts & terms
  • Pre Authorisations
  • Limits Processing
  • Claim Processing
  • Security Deposits
  • Receivables Tracking
  • Bill Settlements

  Other Modules

  • Indigent Patient Management
  • Foreign Patient Management
  • Authorization Management
  • Role & Rights Management
  • Doctor Payout Management
  • Doctor Management
  • Alerts with MIS

  Administration Process

  • HR, Admin & Payroll
  • General Inventory & Consumables
  • Engineering Maintenance
  • Keeping & LaundryClaim Processing
  • Canteen Management
  • Nursing Roaster
  • Service Desk

  Operations Process

  • Diet Plan with tracking & feedback
  • Pain management tracking
  • LAB information system & reporting
  • Radiology information system & reporting
  • Blood bank requisitioning
  • Nursing Roaster with over notes
  • Turn around time(TAT) tracking

  Integration Process

  • Patient ID bands/ labels
  • Patient loyalty card management
  • Pathology lab integration
  • SMS / Email/ Thumb integration
  • Pharmacy barcode integration
  • Finance integration
  • Payment gateway integration

  Financial Process

  • Indents & Purchases
  • GRN & Payments
  • Billing & Receipts
  • Payouts & Posting
  • Settlements
  • Accounting & Banking
  • MIS & Statutory Reports

Explore Our Best Included Feature

Regardless of the costs and risks involved in implementing an health information system, if implemented well, any organization will save tremendous amount of capital. If an organization has sufficient capital, we recommend them to explore the possibility of a healthcare implementation with us.

  • Multi-language, multi-unit
  • Snapshot of your segment P/L
  • Anytime, anywhere access
  • Special patient ledgers
  • Enhanced security
  • Drill down & drill through reports
  • Streamline OPD appointments
  • Role based approvals
  • Flexible custom reports
  • Time based electronic medical records
  • Improved time management using patient calling
  • Third party integration APIs
  • Manage OT availability better
  • Transparent patient billing
  • Improved ward management
  • Single unique identity across applications
  • Patient loyalty management
  • Fully optimized for speed

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