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Bigsun Services ERP

Our all-in-one Bigsun Services ERP, built specifically for service companies, is the key to unlocking your growth potential. We empower you to:

Ditch the paper chase: Our CRM module centralizes leads, sales orders, and invoices, automating workflows and ensuring seamless communication from prospect to payment. Vendor management becomes a breeze with digital onboarding, online invoice submission, and a vendor portal for real-time progress tracking.

Gain instant financial clarity: Drill down into detailed reports like Trial Balance, P&L, and Balance Sheet with ease. Cost center-based filters pinpoint spending, while auto-provisioning for unbilled revenue and expenses keeps your books accurate and future-proof. And with multi-entity consolidation, even complex group structures become transparent.

Make data-driven decisions: Say goodbye to gut feelings and hello to actionable insights. Our customizable dashboards and corporate budgeting tools put the power of information at your fingertips, guiding you toward informed decisions that fuel sustainable growth.

Navigate growth with confidence: Our ERP eliminates friction and empowers collaboration, leaving you agile and prepared for whatever your future holds. Direct bank payment integration streamlines cash flow, while a comprehensive audit trail ensures accountability and compliance.

Stop simply surviving your growth – thrive under its power. Our service-focused ERP is your roadmap to operational excellence, financial clarity, and a future where your vision is not limited by outdated systems.

The Process

1. Integrated CRM with FAS
  • Lead capture and qualification
  • Track Interactions
  • Opportunity tracking
2. Sales
  • Sales Order Management
  • Digital Signature Integration
  • E-Invoicing Integration
3. Purchase
  • Purchase Order Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Invoice Processing
  • Direct Bank Payment Integration
4. Vendor Management
  • Digital Onboarding
  • Expense and Project Mapping
  • Online Invoice Submission
  • Vendor Invoice Dashboard
  • Vendor GL Replica
5. Cost Center Reports
  • Track expenses by department, team, or project.
  • Analyze cost drivers
  • Drill down into detailed reports
6. Auto-Provisioning
  • Automatically book unbilled or deferred revenue.
  • Provision for prepaid or accrued expenses.
  • Ensure accurate financial reporting and compliance.
  • Simplify month-end closing processes.
7. Drilldown Financial Reports
  • Detailed financial reports
  • Deeper insights.
  • Export reports to Excel
  • Compare performance to historical data
8. Consolidation
  • Consolidate financial data
  • Consolidated financial reports
  • Simplify compliance and governance
9. Reporting Dashboards
  • Visualize key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Monitor trends, identify anomalies, and make data-driven decisions.
  • Share dashboards with stakeholders for improved transparency and collaboration.
  • Customize dashboards to track specific metrics relevant to your business.
10. Corporate Budgets
  • Create and manage budgets for departments, projects, and the entire organization.
  • Track budget variances and identify deviations early.
  • Improve resource allocation and cost control.
11. Audit Trail
  • Track every transaction, user activity, and system modification.
  • Maintain a complete history for audit purposes.
  • Meet regulatory requirements and ensure data integrity.
  • Improve accountability and transparency

Key Features

1. Integrated CRM with FAS

Say goodbye to scattered spreadsheets and chaotic follow-ups. Bigsun Services ERP’s CRM keeps everything organized, right at your fingertips.

Capture every lead: Never miss a hot prospect again. Capture leads from website forms, email inquiries, or even phone calls.

Qualify with confidence: Assess leads against pre-defined criteria, prioritize promising ones, and nurture the rest strategically. No more wasting time on unqualified contacts.

Track every interaction: From emails and calls to meetings and presentations, every touchpoint with a lead gets documented, giving you a complete picture of the relationship.

Close deals faster: Seamlessly convert qualified leads into opportunities and manage sales pipelines with ease.

2. Sales

Streamline your sales process and elevate your customer experience with:

Effortless Sales Order Management: Create, edit, and approve sales orders quickly and easily. Stay on top of inventory, track fulfillment, and generate invoices efficiently. No more lost paperwork or manual data entry.

Digital Signature Integration: Securely collect e-signatures on orders and contracts in compliance with the IT Act of India. No more printing, scanning, and mailing documents, saving you time and paper.

E-Invoicing Integration: Generate and deliver GST-compliant e-invoices directly from your platform. Eliminate manual invoice creation, streamline compliance, and receive faster payments.

3. Purchase

Say goodbye to procurement headaches with:

Effortless Purchase Order Management: Create, review, and approve purchase orders seamlessly. Track inventory, control spending, and ensure accurate vendor deliveries. No more scrambling to find POs or deciphering handwritten notes.

Unified Vendor Management: Onboard vendors electronically, manage contracts, and track their performance. Build strong relationships, negotiate better deals, and simplify vendor collaboration.

Automated Invoice Processing: Capture invoices electronically, automate approvals, and expedite payments. Ditch the tedious data entry and manual verification, reducing errors and saving time.

Direct Bank Payment Integration: Securely integrate with your bank for streamlined payments. Enjoy faster vendor transactions, improved cash flow visibility, and reduced manual reconciliation tasks.

But there's more to it than just automation:

Reduced risk and improved compliance:Maintain a complete audit trail of purchase orders, invoices, and payments. Eliminate fraud risks, ensure regulatory compliance, and safeguard your finances.

Cost control and better budget management: Gain real-time insights into your spending patterns and vendor performance. Identify cost-saving opportunities, optimize budgets, and make informed purchasing decisions.

Enhanced supplier relationships: Provide transparency and prompt payments to vendors, fostering stronger collaboration and building trust.

Bigsun Services ERP's purchase module isn't just software - it's a strategic partner in your quest for efficient and cost-effective procurement. Free yourself from operational burdens and focus on what matters most - delivering outstanding service to your clients.

4. Vendor Management

Transform vendor chaos into seamless synergy with:

Effortless Digital Onboarding: Say goodbye to piles of onboarding forms. Invite vendors to register electronically, granting instant access to a dedicated vendor portal.

Precise Expense and Project Mapping:Clearly link vendor expenses to specific projects, ensuring accurate cost allocation and budget control. No more guesswork, no more wasted resources.

Streamlined Online Invoice Submission: Empower vendors to submit invoices online, including bulk upload options. Eliminate manual data entry, expedite approvals, and enjoy faster payments.

Real-time Vendor Invoice Dashboard: Give vendors transparency and control with their own dashboard. Track invoice progress, review payment status, and eliminate frustration with proactive communication.

Instant Vendor GL Replica: Automatically replicate vendor transactions to your general ledger, ensuring data accuracy and eliminating manual reconciliation headaches. Breathe easy knowing your books are always in perfect order.

But the benefits go beyond streamlining processes:

Enhanced visibility and control: Gain a holistic view of all vendor activity, from onboarding to expense tracking and payments. Make informed decisions, optimize spending, and identify potential risks early.

Improved cash flow and supplier relationships: Faster invoice processing and timely payments build trust and loyalty with vendors. Enjoy better deals, improved collaboration, and a win-win environment.

Reduced errors and compliance risk: Automate data entry and eliminate manual reconciliation, minimizing errors and ensuring regulatory compliance. Sleep soundly knowing your finances are secure.

5. Cost Center Reports

Are you a service business owner lost in a fog of financial obscurity? Feeling like costs are spiraling out of control, but unsure where the leaks are? Our powerful cost center feature within Bigsun Services ERP is your searchlight to financial clarity and profitability.

Shine a light on your spending with:

Granular Cost Tracking: Allocate expenses precisely to departments, teams, or projects. No more hidden costs or finger-pointing – pinpoint cost drivers with laser focus.

Deep Expense Analysis: Drill down into detailed reports, uncover hidden patterns, and identify areas for cost reduction. Understand what's truly driving your bottom line.

Informed Decision Making: Make data-driven decisions based on real-time cost insights. Optimize resource allocation, adjust project budgets, and eliminate wasteful spending before it impacts your profitability.

But the benefits go beyond just cost control:

Enhanced Accountability: Empower your team with cost transparency. By understanding their spending impact, individuals take ownership and drive cost-effective behaviors.

Improved Client Insights: Understand the true cost of delivering services to specific clients. Gain a competitive edge by offering accurate pricing and optimizing project profitability.

Boosted Investor Confidence:Demonstrate financial control and responsible spending to investors. Show them you're not just throwing money around, but strategically driving growth.

6. Auto-Provisioning

Say goodbye to period-end headaches and financial chaos! Bigsun Services ERP's auto-provisioning feature brings order to your service business, transforming tedious tasks into seamless automation.

Wave goodbye to manual adjustments and inaccurate reporting with:

Automatic Unbilled/Deferred Revenue Booking: Never miss a beat. Unbilled or deferred revenue gets automatically booked, ensuring accurate financial statements and future cash flow visibility.

Effortless Prepaid/Accrued Expense Provisioning: Accrued expenses and prepaid costs are automatically handled, eliminating manual calculations and ensuring compliance with accounting standards.

Guaranteed Reporting Accuracy: Sleep soundly knowing your financial reports are always accurate and reliable. No more scrambling to fix last-minute discrepancies.

Streamlined Month-End Closing: Month-end is no longer a dreaded ordeal. Automated processes simplify reconciliation, saving you time and resources for what truly matters - growing your business.

7. Drilldown Financial Reports

Unleash deeper insights with:

Detailed Financial Reports: Go beyond surface-level numbers. Analyze detailed reports like P&L, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow, uncovering hidden trends and opportunities.

Drill Down with Precision: Dive deeper into specific accounts, transactions, and departments. Pinpoint cost drivers, track performance metrics, and gain granular understanding of your financial health.

Export to Excel and Analyze at Will: Take your data into your preferred tools. Export reports to Excel for further analysis, customization, and collaboration.

Compare and Conquer: Benchmark your current performance against historical data and industry standards. Identify areas for improvement, track progress, and stay ahead of the competition.

8. Consolidation

Bigsun Services ERP's Consolidation Module Unifies Your Growth

For service businesses with multiple entities or subsidiaries, managing finances can feel like juggling chainsaws blindfolded. But imagine if you could see the whole picture - a clear, unified view of your entire organization's financial health. That's the power of Bigsun Services ERP's robust consolidation module.

Unleash the synergy with:

Seamless Financial Data Consolidation: Effortlessly combine financial data from all your entities into a single, consolidated source. No more manual data entry or spreadsheets galore.

Consolidated Financial Reports: Generate comprehensive and accurate reports like P&L, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow on a consolidated level. Understand your overall financial performance with crystal clarity.

Simplified Compliance and Governance: Navigate complex regulations and ensure compliance with ease. Our consolidation module streamlines reporting processes and provides auditable data for a stress-free compliance experience.

9. Reporting Dashboards

Ditch the data deluge, navigate to success with Bigsun Services ERP's Dynamic Dashboards

Are you drowning in data, struggling to see the bigger picture, and making decisions based on gut feel? Unleash the power of real-time insights with Bigsun Services ERP's dynamic dashboards. Transform data into actionable intelligence, fuel your service business with clarity, and drive profitable growth.

Say goodbye to data analysis drudgery with:

Visualized KPIs at a glance: Track key performance indicators like revenue, profitability, customer satisfaction, and project progress in real-time, right on your dashboard. No more digging through spreadsheets or confusing reports.

Monitor Trends and Spot Anomalies: Identify emerging patterns, detect potential issues, and react proactively. Spot opportunities before they become trends, and mitigate risks before they impact your business.

Data-Driven Decisions, Every Time: Make informed decisions backed by real-time insights. Optimize resource allocation, adjust marketing strategies, and refine your service offerings based on what the data tells you.

Transparency and Collaboration Unleashed: Share customized dashboards with stakeholders, fostering team alignment and accountability. Build trust, improve communication, and empower everyone to contribute to shared goals.

10. Corporate Budgets

Embrace Budget Brilliance with Bigsun Services ERP's Corporate Budgeting Module

Are you tired of operating in the dark, flying blind with budgets that crumble like cookies? Empower your service business with laser-sharp financial precision and proactive control – unleash the power of Bigsun Services ERP's Corporate Budgeting Module.

Say goodbye to budgetary guesswork with:

Granular Budget Creation: Craft detailed budgets for departments, projects, and your entire organization. Allocate resources accurately, anticipate expenses, and set clear financial goals.

Real-Time Variance Tracking: Monitor spending against your budget in real-time. Identify deviations early, pinpoint cost overruns, and take corrective action before it's too late.

Enhanced Resource Allocation: Make informed decisions about resource allocation based on actual data. Invest in high-performing departments, adjust project funding, and optimize resource utilization for maximum impact.

11. Audit Trail

Feeling vulnerable? Worried about data breaches, compliance, and leaving yourself open to risk? Bigsun Services ERP's powerful Audit Trail feature is your shield, ensuring absolute transparency, data integrity, and peace of mind for your service business.

Leave no trace behind with:

Comprehensive Transaction Tracking: Every click, every change, every transaction - meticulously documented and stored. No more wondering "who did what, and when?"

Complete Historical Record: Maintain a secure, tamper-proof audit trail dating back as far as you need. Compliance audits become a breeze with readily available data.

Ironclad Regulatory Compliance: Rest easy knowing you meet all relevant regulations and industry standards. Audit Trail keeps you accountable and avoids costly penalties.

Enhanced Accountability and Transparency: Foster trust and confidence within your team. Track user activity, identify potential misconduct, and ensure ethical data practices.