technology benefits

While I understand that there is a certain amount of time you will have to commit at the beginning of this initiative, you will find yourself with quality time post this implementation

  • A system takes key data from a variety of sources within a business and transforms that raw data into actionable information.

  • With a good solution in place, you will be able to see - at a glance - daily sales, stock levels, accounts receivable, work in progress and a host of other key performance indicators.

  • You will be able to make! more informed decisions, access detailed information faster, and track transactions as they occur.

  • Calculating a return on investment, then, is about putting a value to what this new found capacity and efficiency will bring to your business.

  • In the process of implementing a good system, you will map out your internal business processes. This will give you the opportunity to identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies in your process and streamline them by using systems.

  • Growth for a business should always be supported by good systems and not by adding resources.

  • Having accurate inventory information at your fingertips enables management to optimize stock level and buying cycles.

  • The transparency provided by a system greatly aids in process improvement, inventory control, purchasing, costing, sales and service growth. This enables more efficient use of fixed assets and an overall lowering of variable costs.

  • You can make decisions much more quickly because the information you’re seeing is live. It really speeds everything up and gives actionable performance information and improves service time to customers.

  • The best part is that we now have the opportunity to fix the problem, rather than waiting until the end of the job and trying to figure out what went wrong.

  • The ability to accurately track billable services is critical to maintaining and enhancing a firm’s profitability. Typically this task isn’t done as thoroughly as it could be and significant ROI can be gained from a solution.

  • In fact, with quality resources being scarce, their efficient allocation becomes even more important. And while the types of work undertaken, how they spend their time is worth analyzing.

  • Operating expenses, salaries and short and long-term cash flow funding all require complex reporting. The manual workload to produce these reports frequently very high - absorbing significant time and resources.

  • A good system would deliver accurate and easily generated reports. This frees up administrative time that can then be allocated more productively elsewhere.