CRM Software System to build your sales force for the future

  • Balasubramanian G
  • 30/09/2015

How are the next generation CRM different from the present ones?

The law of demand and supply governs the challenges we face in the market. The internet opens opportunities for multiple products for the customers to choose from. This creates a very special and specific Customer Relationship Management (CRM) need for every company.

Need: To ensure that we track every lead and convert most into opportunities.

What are the challenges in doing this?

The challenge is in putting CRM software in place that will help you track and analyze your opportunities better. 

The key findings from our experience with multiple implementations are that activity tracking in CRM is as important as opportunity tracking.

Also monitoring the pulse of the sales person through the system is very helpful.

To do this, we need to move from a traditional pipeline based CRM to task based CRM. The benefits of doing this would be as follows.

1.    Assign tasks in a system to colleagues, peers and managers.

2.    Track and manage timely communication through alerts

3.    Ensure that routine follow up activities are automated.

One important aspect to note here is that a good CRM implementation requires through preparation.

It may be a good idea to hire a experienced sales person and draw a structure to this need.

My next article will cover the features to be understood and implemented.

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