leave management

  1. Helios is a product offering for HR administration, attendance, leave management, performance management and payroll. The product offers important features ranging from simplicity to scalability. The product helps companies have the peace of mind to know that all their employee time in, time out and time-off requests are being managed efficiently.

  2. The benefits from such a leave and attendance management application with an integrated payroll offering would be as follows.

  3. ·       Automatic accruals based on policies

    ·       Useful reporting and forecasts

    ·       Eliminates errors

    Product Features of our Leave & Attendance Management

    1. View all personal and job related information in a single tab.
    2. One single application handles all details (employee joining till exit).
    3. Role based security access to the users.
    4. Employee can login at anytime anywhere to view or apply for leave
    5. Process the attendance through an easy screen or option to upload the attendance sheet.
    6. Define & configure leave types like privilege, sick, casual, maternity/paternity leave with the effective date. 
    7. Can maintain different set of rules for categories of employees (staff, labour, management).
    8. Pro-rata (monthly) or yearly leave calculation.

    9. Leave eligibility definition from the joining date or confirmation date. 
    10. Leave to be applied by number of days in advance.
    11. Carry forwarded leaves option for the next year.
    12. Lapse rule for multiple leave types.
    13. A maximum stretch to apply for multiple leave types definition option.
    14. System will automatically consider, as loss of pay in case of no leave is available.
    15. The system user has the right to adjust the urgency leave (sick leave) of user based on rights.
    16. Two level of approval i.e. verifier and approver.
    17. Leave System generates and send email notification to respective users, supervisors and to
    18. Option to approve or reject the leaves.
    19. User has the right to cancel or update the leave before approval.
    20. In pay slip, the leave details will be visible.
    21. Generate leave balance as on date, leave availed, day/month/year wise summary, opening balance reports. 
    22. No manual attendance entries required. Leave approved will have direct impact in attendance.
    23. Export To Excel tab can facilitate to export the leave transactions to excel sheet

    Product features of our Payroll

    1.Employee can login at anytime anywhere to view or download salary slip, as it is a web based application.

    2.Define band and pay earning (percentage and amount wise). For example, Basic = 30%, HRA = 15% of Basic.

    3.View increment history with comparisons.

    4.Promotion option with or without increment.

    5.Option to stop or release payment (can hold the salary based on the requirements).

    6.Define arrears, advance and employee loans in the system.

    7.All deductions are automatically deducted from employee's salary (PT, PF, ESIC, Income Tax etc.).

    8.TDS will be deducted based on the Investment declaration filled by the employee in the system.

    9.Can attach multiple investment proof in the system.

    10.The HR administration has the right to approve or reject after cross verifying the investment proof.

    11.In one click of save button, salary of thousands of employees will be processed within minutes.

    12.Can generate monthly salary, professional tax, TDS, yearly salary and salary bank statement report.

    13.Can view, export or print pay slip of the employees.